Grateful Dead Digital Games

Using some of American music’s most iconic music and visuals, Curious Sense produced The Epic Tour, an online game inspired by the legacy of  the legendary Grateful Dead.

We created new playful ways to experience the Dead, for old fans and new.

In The Epic Toura browser-based game, players created a personalized Dancing Bear character and took him on an adventure through visually rich, painterly environments, avoiding obstacles and bad guys, and collecting things. More than 2 dozen legendary Grateful Dead songs were used in the game.

  • Iconic Art

    Iconic Art

    The game incorporates some of rock and roll’s most recognized imagery

  • Songs with Sense & Color

    Songs with Sense & Color

    Visually stunning, aurally delightful.

  • Play Dead

    Play Dead

    Avoid obstacles, collect stuff, try to get to exclusive environments

  • Check it Out

    Check it Out

    Live Dead Game! Try the online game for free.