Grateful Dead Digital Games

Curious Sense has the exclusive worldwide rights to produce digital games with The Grateful Dead

Our goal is to create new playful ways to experience the Dead, for old fans and new and to celebrate the legacy of America’s most important band.

In 2012 we launched The Epic Toura browser-based game that allows players to create a personalized Dancing Bear character and take him on an adventure through environments inspired by the music and art of the Grateful Dead.

  • Iconic Art

    Iconic Art

    The games incorporate some of rock and roll’s most recognized images

  • Mobile Game in Dev

    Mobile Game in Dev

    We’re now producing a new Grateful Dead game for mobile devices.

  • Play Dead

    Play Dead

    Avoid obstacles, collect stuff, try to get to exclusive environments

  • Check it Out

    Check it Out

    Live Dead Game! Try the online game for free.