Soulja Boy

Following a few successful virtual concerts that took place inside one of Planet Cazmo’s theaters, the hip hop artist, Soulja Boy, requested his own branded virtual world.

We worked with our partners at Planet Cazmo to develop characters and environments designed around the artist and his new album. Players and fans could visit a recording studio, play mini-games, shop for music and merchandise, and have the chance to meet Soulja Boy at exclusive meet and greet events.

  • A Celebrity Avatar

    A Celebrity Avatar

    We created a virtual look-alike for the celebrity artist

  • Virtual Concerts

    Virtual Concerts

    Players gathered with their avatars to participate in live virtual concerts that promoted Soulja Boy’s new album

  • Meet & Greet

    Meet & Greet

    The celebrity, controlling his avatar, had virtual gatherings for premium members

  • Music & Merch

    Music & Merch

    Players could browse a store including real and virtual merchandise