Sundance Fashion Game – Catwalk Countdown

Curious Sense collaborated with Sundance Channel to develop a casual online game integrated with their sponsorship of New York Fashion Week. Our objective was to promote their new Full Frontal Fashion transmedia brand, and reach a broader audience including younger consumers.

Informed by an understanding of Sundance’s brand and communications objectives and a study of their current and prospective audience, Curious Sense developed Catwalk Countdown, a “Sim Game,” in which the player has the experience of an aspiring fashion designer, trying to earn an invitation to Fashion Week.

Catwalk Countdown – A Top 10 Game at All Major Online Game Portals


  • You’re an aspiring fashion designer, looking to break into the New York fashion scene

  • Make the right connections, but who can you trust?

  • Visit several locations in New York City

  • Imagine your designs in the great boutiques of Fifth Avenue

  • Friend? Or frenemy??

  • Achieve balance in your life or your success is jeopardized

  • Play it right, and your good work pays off, with…

  • …an invitation to New York Fashion Week