The Republic of Music (The ROM)

Curious Sense has conceived of The ROM as an interactive music platform that will introduce new business models to our music industry partners, and create new ways for fans to interact with the music they love.

It’s a digital world with games and interactive experiences, a community of fans, a music marketplace and the world’s most popular music from all-times.


  • A World of Music

    A World of Music

    Fans become Residents of The ROM, make a home, and play within a community of music

  • Venues Host Activities

    Venues Host Activities

    Places are designed to house artist activities and residences for players. Some free, some premium.

  • Digital Experiences

    Digital Experiences

    Game Rooms, Music and Video Theaters, Social Hangouts, Virtual Concerts, Meet-and-Greets, Stores

  • A Music Marketplace

    A Music Marketplace

    Fans can buy audio and video, tickets, merch, and access to premium digital experiences