Take a Digital Journey

Take a digital journey along the timeline of the Gaspee Affair, the 1772 attack by Rhode Island colonists upon the British naval vessel, Gaspee. The story is told with primary source materials, 360-degree video re-creations, and many original digital assets that together create an immersive experience of “being there.”

Transforming Education With Engaging Experiences

For the most part, our public high schools have not changed the ways we teach in a couple centuries, yet our students today are “digital natives” who have different preferences and requirements for consuming information and learning. The result: according to a survey by Gallup more than 60% of our American high school students report that they are not engaged by school. The Gaspee VR project is part of a body of work being produced by Adam Blumenthal that is seeking to transform the way we deliver learning with academically-sound, creatively-compelling digital experiences.


For information about the Gaspee VR project contact gaspee@curioussense.com