Curious Sense is the online journal of Adam Blumenthal, Vice President at Nucco Brain, a UNIT9 company, and Professor of the Practice for Augmented and Virtual Reality at Brown University.

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A 3rd Term at the Obama White House - Adam Blumenthal Attends Discussions on VR for STEM Education

On December 12, 2016, The Executive Office of the President of the United States, Office of Science and Technology Policy hosted a meeting regarding the use

Adam Blumenthal Attends Obama White House Symposium on the Future of Education and Digital Learning

On October 5, 2016, Curious Sense founder, Adam Blumenthal, was one of 200 guests from around the country to attend the White House Summit on Computer

Adam Blumenthal Attends Obama White House Summit on

On September 14, 2016, Curious Sense founder, Adam Blumenthal, was one of 200 guests from around the country to attend the White House Summit on Computer

Brown University Names Adam Blumenthal Virtual Reality Artist-in-Residence

Curious Sense founder charged with developing ground-breaking virtual reality experiences with students, faculty, and 3rd parties.

Social Media Marketing Text Book Cites Adam Blumenthal's Article on Branded Games

Social Media Marketing was the first textbook to cover this vital subject. It shows how social media fits into and complements the marketers toolbox. The book

New York Times Cites Our Music Video Game As a Marketing Innovation

Stuart Elliott of The New York Times writes about Curious Senses’s strategy to both market and generate revenue for artists in the struggling music industry

Billboard Invites Blumenthal to Write About Digital Innovation for Music Industry

After several successful innovative digital marketing projects with music artists, Billboard asked Adam Blumenthal to write an op-ed piece about his experience transitioning from the agency world to the music industry

Who Art Thou, Chief Digital Officer?

It’s hard to find something if you don’t know what you’re looking for. Just ask professional recruiters tasked with finding the elusive chief digital officer (CDO).

New Music Industry Textbook Quotes Adam Blumenthal's Billboard Op-Ed

Professor Tim J. Anderson’s new book, Popular Music in a Digital Music Economy – Problems and Practices for an Emerging Service Industry, quotes my Billboard Op-Ed piece, and

New York Times Features Curious Sense Work With The Design Network

Curious Sense was instrumental in developing and pitching the story that led to this article by Stuart Elliott in The New York Times

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Hello! I'm Adam Blumenthal. Since 1993 I have been leading innovative interactive media productions with the world's best known brands. I'm a deep generalist, equally adept from Biz Dev to Strategy to Creative to Implementation, I have lead dozens of award-winning productions - as a leader at preeminent Madison Avenue agencies, producer of more than a dozen digital games and virtual worlds, and as Vice President at Nucco Brain, a UNIT9 Company. I'm a first-generation Digital Native, interactive since 1980. After more than 30 years I share here the perspective of a lifetime creative-technologist by passion and profession.