<center>Chief Digital Officer</center>

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It’s hard to find something if you don’t know what you’re looking for.

Just ask professional recruiters tasked with finding the elusive chief digital officer (CDO). A recent Gartner poll of executive search experts found that uncertainty about what’s expected of a CDO results in flawed searches for these digital leaders. Many business leaders realize the importance of going digital, but that’s where their clarity (and experience) ends.

Part of the problem is that “digital,” in the context of an enterprise, was for years treated as yet another channel, alongside brick-and-mortar stores or resellers. Now, however, with the new expectations of smartphone- and tablet-equipped customers, employees and partners, the word “digital” has taken on greater meaning, with implications across the whole enterprise. And it’s no longer a silo or channel to be managed, but a critical strategy for overall business success…