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 | 8 APRIL 2010 7:45 PM

With the rise of the iPhone/iPod Touch apps, the popularity of the Wii and DS, and the huge boom of Facebook gaming, gaming is more ubiquitous than ever.

Why are games everywhere?”

Excerpts from the Panel Discussion at the 2010 Triangle Game Conference:

…Part of it was that more people simply had a gamer’s brain, said Blumenthal. More people had grown up in the age of Atari – in the age of the videogame…

…The future of gaming “may not be Facebook,” said Blumenthal, “but it will be social … Facebook is a medium. The content is shared by thousands of people – that’s a trend that’s not going away. There are more and new kinds of gamers.”

…Blumenthal was enthusiastic, arguing that younger consumers were more comfortable with the idea of immersion and using one’s entire body to play games, but Benito believed it was a “pet rock” and that people would get bodily fatigued after constant use.